9 Best Ecommerce Chatbot Examples from Successful Brands

ecommerce chatbot use cases

They also play an important role in helping you generate high-quality leads. As a matter of fact, chatbots help businesses generate 55% more high quality leads. They actively engage with potential customers and keep them from leaving your website unconverted.

Chatbots can be used to conduct marketing campaigns on popular messaging channels like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and WeChat. Messaging channel chatbots are one of the most efficient ways to reach a large number of people with little effort. And for a good reason — they have the potential to revolutionize how consumers interact with businesses. But chatbots aren’t just a passing fad — they can be a handy, long-term solution for companies of all sizes. The eCommerce industry continues to innovate and deploy cutting-edge consumer-facing technologies, with Generative AI emerging as a key trend.

Gauge your performance with automated feedback

Instead of waiting for human employees to respond to their inquiries, 62% of customers say they would prefer to use a customer support chatbot. The chatbots will guide them to self-service solutions or direct them to submit service tickets and permission requests. If it’s a more complex question, the chatbot can also collect relevant and categorical information before directing them to the best agent for the job. Of course, the overall benefit of deploying chatbots is that they help you provide service and sales support for your customers around the clock more cost-effectively.

To personalize engagements across commerce channels for increased revenues and improved customer satisfaction, check out Apexon’s Digital Commerce services. Thanks to artificial intelligence, chatbots are able to adapt to customers’ needs and provide a customized experience that drives sales. This serves to be useful because visiting users don’t just add to the traffic but businesses must engage them so they become potential buyers. Chatbots can help customer find their desired product, right from the chat window.

Provide 24/7 customer service

Online retailers use this technology to offer customers relevant items based on past purchases. Businesses that engage with customers through chatbots, influence purchase decisions and increase average order value. Imagine that your potential customer wants to buy something from your online store. So, instead of going to your online store and searching for products, the customer sends a message to you through your business page on Facebook. Chatbots deployed on social media apps can help you get better information about your potential customers.

10 Organizations Leveraging the Power of Generative AI – Spiceworks News and Insights

10 Organizations Leveraging the Power of Generative AI.

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For instance, a chatbot may connect inventory software to let staff members rapidly check inventory levels. This can be facilitated by an adequately developed AI-based chatbot for e-commerce, which enables customers to communicate, source flexible delivery information, and modify specifics. For instance, clients can modify their delivery slots, ask for an estimated delivery time, or change their delivery address without assistance from a human person.

How to get the most out of your chatbot?

There is a variety of AI chatbot use cases ranging from customer support to engagement and lead generation across industries like eCommerce, healthcare, finance, and banking. Let us now consider the different AI chatbot use cases offered specifically for eCommerce stores. Sinch Chatlyer, for example, has developed a conversational AI chatbot for e-commerce that you can set up in minutes. At the same time, the AI technology behind it will guarantee your customers the best possible experience. Because chatbots have so many use cases in e-commerce, you might want to start implementing all of them right away. That might be too much, and if there are issues, you’re providing an overall bad customer experience!

ecommerce chatbot use cases

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