Top Python Developer Skills You Must Have in 2023

Here are some of the major expertise Python developers must possess. Keep in mind that the degree of their mastery in these fields will depend on their work experience. By working and contributing to python related projects, you can gain practical experience and help demonstrate your skill to potential clients and employers. Discover step-by-step guides […]

W2 Employee vs 1099 Employee: What’s The Difference? 2023

The information is based on current and active legislation, which may change in the future. It is not tax or legal advice that you can rely upon for your business and cannot be relied upon for the purpose of avoiding taxes and/or penalties that may be assessed from using the information contained herein. For guidance […]

How To Create Your First Web Application Using Flask and Python 3

Great Learning Academy provides this Flask Python course for free online. The course is self-paced and helps you understand various topics that fall under the subject with solved problems and demonstrated examples. The course is carefully designed, keeping in mind to cater to both beginners and professionals, and is delivered by subject experts. A majority […]

What Is a Java Certification? How To Get One

The junior Java developer role does not call for a lot of Java expertise. But in addition to having a solid understanding of the fundamentals of Servlet and JSP, one should also be familiar with object-oriented programming, a basic understanding of front-end development. In addition to those questions, make sure to check out Leetcode if […]